I’ve always wanted to be a writer. When I was little I began to create a basic outline for a story I called “The Fire-Breathing Elk” (yes it was super badass). I showed the first chapter to my friend and he told me that the two pages I wrote were all one sentence—I just kept saying “and” over and over. We all start somewhere I suppose!

Indeed. It’s incredibly hard to start. I recall hearing the audio from Ira Glass about the matter of “taste” while doing anything creative. Sometimes—most of the time—you start out and you suck. But if you keep going you might realize you’re kinda good after some practice. Those who brave being terrible will ultimately become good through practice.

So here I am now. J. R. Stemple, writer, poet, a practitioner of words, a journalism major at George Mason (currently). I write what I know, but as the good doctor once said, “a man is a sum of his experiences.” I hope to one day experience an entire lifetime and have put it into words.

Till next time,