This is a playlist I created a few months back in an attempt to mimic the way Apple Music puts together playlists—they flow almost like an album. I selected my favorite songs from known and some more obscure bands. Psychedelic rock overlaps with many other subgenres of rock, which is clear on this playlist. It floats from harder, more garage rock into softer, more laid back neo-psychedelia. I hope someone out there enjoys it. -J.R.

1) Gojira – Flamingods

2) Albuquerque Freakout – Holy Wave

3) Sleepwalker – Moon Duo

4) The Seven Poison Wonders – Night Beats

5) Heavner – The USA Is a Monster

6) Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster – Thee Oh Sees

7) Flight – Wooden Shijps

8) Keep on Lying – Tame Impala

9) A Window In Time – Puma Pumku

10) Not All Are Meant to Be Trusted – The Halfways

11) Chasing My Tail – Mild High Club

12) Moreno’s Blend – Pond