Rain drops fell down his skin

As he entered the rainy forest from within

The forest grows with time and see

And in the midst is the Main Brain Tree

It colors the forest a decent bright green

And covers everything that he’s seen

One morning he approached the green dwell

In weathered rain he felt unwell, sought dispel

The rain fell down his skin

He sought the tree for a dry inn

For a moment’s notice, there was no downpour

A deep meditation brought calm to his core

However, the rain continued outside the tree

He still heard it to a certain degree

It rang in his ears

For a red presence drew near


A house deeper in the forest interrupted his meditation

Creating within him a burning sensation

Furrowed brows and curious hearts

Drew him to where this story starts

He wandered over to the house

Away from the tree, rain espouse

A faceless devil ejected from the door

Familiarity drew him closer all the more

The faceless devil invited him in

“Come in,” he said, “come in”

Inside a fire raged too hot

He sensed Fear more than not

“Sit,” said the faceless devil, motioning to a lone table

He obliged

In front of him the faceless devil set a burnt stew

“Eat up,” said the faceless devil, “eat up before it grows cold”

He obliged

“This tastes burnt,” he said

The faceless devil smiled

“I know”


He Gags a bit on his own mistake

Alone in the room, company forsake

Lunged for an exit, but the door was gone

The trouble on him it did dawn

A dirty spirit sprouted from the ground

Fighting against the encompassing fire red

It offered a safe way against the blank space

He took the deal, with spit it sealed

thoughts lifted to imaginary places

stories took place in seconds

Forgotten as they come

He entered a maze

made for strange days in strange ways

The walls of the prison gave way to new ones of the mind


Wading through the mist

sailing through gloomy waters

he hears a hiss

but not a movement, not a flinch

Casts aside his doubt for better ignorance

better to feel nothing than anything more

no anger or hate

no sadness or weight

no need to mediate

He revels in this lack

and then he sleeps


I awaken in a dream


Have you seen the day?

It’s brighter than you think

There’s nothing you can say

There’s no secret, no power

It’s not easy

No guarantee

Life is work, but you’ll be free


You turn to run

In the maze; degenerate ways

Life isn’t over and done

Always searching for the light

The fire rages inside

Eyes heavy with blindness

Open them wide


I’ll show you the way

Through your false introspection

The brightness of day

The calmness of night

All you have to do

To get a new view

Is break on through



The walls crumble

In heaps and jumble

The sullen rain goes on around

He sees it fall in present eyes

He stands his gentle ground

With the spool of his soul unwound


The more I learn, the less I know!

He sings in happy glee

As he gallops in the rain

around the Main Brain Tree


The devil appears from space

A crescent cradle across his face

Confident as before, devil offers his hand

He slaps it away, not apart of this plan


Devil retreats into the forest

To remain a stray thought

He comes in waves

Forgotten he’s not


Calm at the center

Rest at the core

Though bad thoughts may enter

Acknowledged and more

He looked within

And found his strength

Forgave his sin

His mistakes he thanks

His hate, his doubt

Fade and fell

Mindfulness throughout

At the green dwell