One last goodbye my dear, my sweet, my dime. One last goodbye before I see you for the last time.

I tried so hard to hold onto that which had no grip. We knew the outcome before the show began.

I remember nights laid under blankets of stars where I fell in love with you with talks of a happy future we would pursue.

And then I gave it all away

Those sullen nights spent sour were my own doing. Let myself become the Fear.

I’ll always love you, my missing puzzle piece; till the next feast, still I find my own way.

The ebb and flow comes and goes. The river flows. To ignore suffering is suffering in itself, I know.

I’m fine, I won’t be a mess, I just need some time to decompress.

So, One final goodbye, my dear. Our faces slime with sweat, snot, and tears in heat while our lips meet for the final time. One final