Last night, the cold winds blew into the car, the clear starry skies rained light down hard.

Curse the transition of the sun, the placement of the moon in the sky, curse your reflection in the review mirror—lies.

Cling to cries of desperate forests where the trees stick in stuck and muck of their own deluded doing;

The Doldrums of yesterday flock to the backseat with a faceless familiar letting joy take the wheel for a day or two,

My Love of the past scolded me in my dream telling me to end this Tirade; I woke in the wake of morning fretting, and afraid.

I am going on a road to nowhere. To chase the aspect of something, to run from the notion of nothing.

I am going on a road to nowhere. Where the sweet release of nothing seems to be the gateway to something.

I am going on a road to nowhere. Where solemn something claws at the back of the brain and causes hallucinations of perception and pain—

And the road trails on; tumbleweed dreams roll through flat empty plains in dreary states alongside the unending pavement.

I shall writhe in the abscess of life, condoning the horrors committed in my name, droning on to closed ears rife with darkness incarnate,

A ripe sickness flows through those that hit the pavement—keeping tired but wired minds up in the small hours of the night;

Fallen, drunken hope; the spool wound just too tight, where discordant black sticks stay still like scorned loves of yesterday…

Ejected outside a lamplight cave, floating feeling dissociated and depraved—follow your heart in streetlight glory!

So, I sat upon the sparkling dew, overlooking a rippled plate of water, hoping to see the duvet of stars roll through my empty eyes, full of desire.

So, I rode the road to nowhere! With nowhere in mind, with nowhere of any kind! Following mine until the end.